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    Pet Heater

    product name

    Pet heating pad



    Regular size

    140x150MM ,150x280MM ,280x280MM ,420x280MM,530x280MM,650x280MM,800x280MM

    Also can customized size


    Usage 1: suitable for 1-2 cm ultra-shallow water level.

    Juvenile turtle seedlings are not suitable for deep-water farming, it can not use the heating rod for heating, because the minimum water level of the heating rod is more than 5 cm, and the turtle usually aquaculture water level is only 1-2 cm, and the back armor is almost high Kind of ultra-low water state, we can use the heating pad for heating, the next year and other turtles can grow up after the water level, and then use the heating rod for heating, heating pad is a good way to solve the super-shallow water temperature heating.

    Usage 2: suitable for all kinds of acrylic, plastic box use

    Heating pad suitable for all kinds of acrylic, plastic feed box, point with the bottom, the effective formation of warm, for pet heating!

    Usage 3: suitable for all types of reptile glass cylinder bottom of the ambient heating

    Heating pad at the same time for all types of glass cylinder bottom heating, here refers to the glass cylinder is also used to raise reptiles rather than fish, pay attention to fish water level is very deep, must use heating tied, the heating pad is to provide reptiles Calorie

    Usage 4: suitable for the bottom of the wooden incubator in the heating box

    Place the heating pad on the moss, pine bark and other mat above the heating. Heating mat waterproof, moisture, but not directly used in water!

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