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    23 September 2019

    USB powered silicone rubber heater

    Product Introduction :

    Silicone rubber heater is made of nickel chrome alloy resistance wire and glass fiber cloth with silicone rubber coated as insulating layer.It is very flexible and its standard thickness is 1.5mm.It can be attached to the heated object closely and transfer the heat to anywhere you need.

    Features :

    1.It has excellent heat conductivity because of the thin thickness.

    2.It is thin and flexible so also light and small.

    3.It is flexible and can be closely wound on the curved and cylindrical heated object.

    4.The shape can be customized.

    5.It can be easily attach to heated objects.

    Technical Parameters:


    Dimensions on request


    1mm-2mm(Normal 1.5mm)



    Electric Current






     Line Length



    Around 40℃


    ±5% on resistance

    Use Method:

    The silicone rubber heater has excellent flexibility and can wrap the heated objects.

    1.Place the silicone rubber heating pad on the object that need to be heated and position it properly.

    2.Put the USB plug into the appropriate socket and the silicone heater will start heating

    Note:It has advantages of using small space and easy installation.


    1.The silicone heater is flexible so that the heater can be bent and stored. However, the constantan wire in the heater has a certain rigidity and very thin,when the heater is used and stored, the diameter of the circle when bent should be larger than 50cm . 

    2. Silicone rubber heaters can not be used in liquid directly. 


    3.Silicone rubber heaters shall not be cut and scratched by sharp tools,stop using it immediately if any crack and damage.


    4. During installation, the silicone heater should be attached to the heated object closely. 

    5.Do not pull the USB cable rude and casual.


    (1)The products produced by the company from the date of purchase, provide one year maintenance services.

    (2)If you find any defects in the products during the warranty period, the company will be responsible for repair or replacement.

    (3)If the product is damaged or malfunctions due to accident or improper use, or the product is modified or repaired without the written permission of the company, it is not covered by the warranty